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Is Sugar Bad for Your Fertility?

Oct 28, 2021
Is sugar bad for fertility?

Anyone else tempted by the scary treats lurking all around? 🙋🏻‍♀️ 🍬🎃 👻⁠

If you're sweating the looming sugar temptations that come with Halloween, sweat no more. 

Here's the deal - sugar is not "toxic" - for your physique or your fertility. ⁠
Too much sugar (and simple carbs like breads, pastas... the good stuff ;) over time can cause insulin resistance and can definitely disrupt your sex hormone balance, eventually making it harder to conceive (and even increasing risk for pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes). 

Here's  what happens when you eat simple carbs, causing your blood sugar to spike: 

In when I work with clients, THE FIRST THING we do is get you eating blood sugar balanced meals to prevent these spikes in cortisol that divert resources away from healthy sex hormone production and make you a hangry cookie-monster. 

(I can help you get on a blood-sugar balanced meal plan).

All that said, there's a HUGE difference between enjoying an occasional sweet treat and chronically out of control blood sugar that can lead to insulin resistance. 
Even if you have PCOS, a few intentional indulgences are not going to sabotage your pregnancy plans 🤰🏾⁠. 

A few pieces of candy won't make or break anything.
So team TTC, if you wanna, choose a few Halloween treats that you REALLY want, and enjoy the sh*t out of them. Then skip along your merry way. ⁠
I call this, Living the 80/20 Life ⚖️⁠

80% of the time, make the choices you know will support your health and fertility goals. ⁠
The other 20%, nourish all the other parts of you - your social life, your need for comfort, your pleasure from yummy food.⁠
"Perfect" eating is not healthy eating! ⁠
And getting too rigid about what you eat won't get you pregnant. ⁠
You're made to be a mom- Let's make it happen. ⁠
XO, ⁠

I can help you conceive easily and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

Fertility is not one-size-fits-all.

As a registered dietitian, I use strategic testing to understand your unique physiology, and a data-driven approach to balance your hormones, improve egg quality and get you pregnant. Let's make a baby!

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