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What causes infertility?

A root cause approach. 

First, we're not talking about anatomical issues, like a blocked tube.

This is about not taking "unexplained" infertility for an answer.

You deserve answers.

Hormone imbalances and poor ovarian reserve can't be explained away with age. 

Your body is meant to reproduce - it wants to make a baby! My job is to help you figure out what's getting in the way and remove those barriers. 

Infertility is not "unexplained" until you've evaluated the following systems:  

1.Neuro-endocrine (the pathways from your brain to your hormones, as influenced by mental, emotional and physical stress)

2. Digestive health (sources of inflammation, microbiome imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and poor blood sugar control)

3. Toxic burden (the amount of toxins coming in vs the capacity of your organs to eliminate those toxins).


Functional testing looks at your whole self to get to the root cause


Conventional fertility testing falls short in two ways:

1. It only looks your reproductive hormones; and

2. "Normal" lab values are defined at a level that prevent disease.

Functional testing looks upstream of your reproductive hormones to get answers about what causes hormone imbalances. In evaluating your hormones, nutrient status, GI health health, thyroid function, etc., desired lab ranges are based on what will promote optimal health, not just prevent sickness and disease.

I use conventional and functional testing, in my practice to understand your unique physiology and take the guesswork out about what will work to get you pregnant. 

Say goodbye to taking a paycheck's worth of supplements you don't need, or squeezing in appointments with every specialist in town. We'll get to the bottom of what YOU need and custom solutions to you. 

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Strategic Testing

Tests I can run for you: 

Micronutrient test:  

  • A functional assessment of your vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This will help us pinpoint any nutrient gaps in your diet and potential deficiencies that may contribute to poor egg quality, trouble conceiving and risk of miscarriage.
  • This will also allow me to customize any diet or supplement interventions for you. 

GI Mapping 

  • This test looks at both beneficial and dysbiotic flora, gut pathogens and several GI health markers that will give insight into your immune function, inflammation and even gluten reactivity.
  • Correcting underlying gut issues is essential for balanced hormones, lasting weight loss and even mood stability.

DUTCH hormone testing

  • This test provides the most in-depth look at your production and metabolism of hormones.
  • This gives insight into your androgen metabolism, your estrogen and progesterone production and a handful of nutritional and organic acid markers.

24-Hour salivary cortisol

  • This test gives insight into how stress is impacting your health and hormone production. 

 MTHFR genetic testing 


If you haven't done all of this testing, your infertility is far from "unexplained"! 

I use results from these labs to identify: 

  • Chronic infection or hidden inflammation (even if you don't have symptoms). Infection and inflammation signal danger and that reproduction is not safe.

  • Vitamins, minerals or antioxidants that you're getting too much or not enough of. Nutrient status influences everything from the amount of estrogen and progesterone produced by your ovaries, to the ability of your liver to eliminate toxins, to the quality of your eggs and your risk of miscarriage. 

  • Issues with detoxification in the liver, kidney or GI tract. Many of these toxins are endocrine disruptors that can act as estrogens - impairing fertility and embryo development.

  • Digestive issues or microbiome imbalances. Your microbiome and a healthy gut are essential to estrogen balance, reducing inflammation, and nutrient status. 

  • Sex hormone imbalances. DUTCH (dried urine testing), reveals not only your hormone levels, but also how well those hormones are being metabolized and utilized. 

  • Thyroid issues. Your thyroid is the command center for your metabolism and nearly every system in your body. If you don't have enough thyroid hormone, your reproduction shuts down. Conventional testing only looks at TSH, which is produced by your brain, not your thyroid, and it can take years to show signs of dysfunction. Functional testing looks at circulating thyroid hormone levels and the ability of your cells to use that hormone, detecting issues before they become disease.