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Nice to meet you. Now, let's make a baby.

I’m Anna, Fertility Dietitian Nutritionist

I help women who are struggling to get (and stay) pregnant to conceive more quickly & easily, and enjoy a healthy pregnancy, without the expense, exhaustion and 💔 of failed fertility treatments.

Unlike the one-size-fits all approaches, I offer personalized solutions, based on your unique physiology, to get your hormones in balance and your cycles regular, so you can move on to baby names 🤰👶.

In the past decade as a registered dietitian, I have helped dozens of couples to:

👉 get their missing periods back and their cycles regular;

👉 get pregnant with PCOS, hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA) or hypothyroid;

👉 explain "unexplained" infertility; and

👉 finally get their baby;

all through natural, holistic fertility methods, personalized nutrition, and my proven process, FERTILE IN FIVE™.

It's your turn!

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My fertility story: 

Now a proud mamma of two boys, it wasn't easy to get here. I started TTC at age 34, one year shy of 'geriatric', so I knew there might be challenges. But I was overall pretty healthy so, I did not anticipate the full extent of time-sucking medical drudgery. 

Thankfully, I was able to get the right testing done to understand my unique barriers to fertility. I was then able to tweak my nutrition & lifestyle to claim hormone balance, heal my gut and replenish nutrient deficiencies. With a clear plan and consistency, I got pregnant!

Anna Bohnengel, a fertility dietitian nutritionist, lifts a toddler into the air and smiles

Knowledge is power

 I credit my fertility to the strategic testing that helped me identify my MTHFR gene mutation and my Celiac Disease.  I got educated about what parts of the process were under my control and I grabbed the reins.

Now, I'm dedicated to sharing what I've learned - to teaching YOU how to claim control where you can.

In nearly a decade of nutrition counseling, I have helped dozens of women heal their hormones, optimize their weight, establish lifelong healthy eating habits, and grow beautiful families. 

Now, it's your turn. 

I won't lie, the journey is not easy and motherhood is not for the faint of heart. But, you don't have to go it alone, and  you don't have to reinvent the wheel figuring it all out.

I got you. 

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My Professional Story: 

After earning my MS in Nutrition Science & Policy at Tufts University, I trained in clinical research and medical nutrition therapy at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center. I kissed the east coast goodbye and moved to Portland, Oregon to accept a position at OHSU, to develop and manage wellness programs for the academic medical center.

I had the opportunity to help develop curriculum for a public health intervention, Pregnancy Exercise and Nutrition. I saw the powerful impact of small changes on a woman's fertility and how well she felt during pregnancy. I became obsessed with prenatal health and haven't looked back.

I opened my private practice in 2017 and dove deep into women's health, including advanced training in Women's Integrative & Functional Medicine with Dr. Aviva Romm. 

The preconception period is a unique window of time when you have the most influence over the health and wellbeing for generations to come. 

Honing in your health preconception is a prerequisite to a healthy pregnancy, a manageable postpartum, and having the energy to enjoy motherhood. 

This is where my life's work is focused- teaching women how to nourish themselves to truly feel good - so you can grow the family of your dreams with energy, confidence and joy.

My Credentials

  • MS in Nutrition Science from Tufts University, 2012
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, 2013
  • WellCoach Certified, ACSM 2014
  • Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management, CDR 2015
  • Certified in Women's Integrative and Functional Medicine, Aviva Romm, 2019
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